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Every year, approximately 30,000 house fires are caused by Squirrels–which amounts to millions of dollars in damage.

Grey squirrels are most commonly seen during daylight hours. Their diet revolves around seeds, nuts, buds, insects, bird eggs and fungi – which differs depending on the season. They’re also well-known for storing large quantities of food in autumn to help them make it through winter.

In order to bury and hide their food, small animals will scrape the ground before fairly short distances can be traversed by smell to locate these caches of buried nuts, seeds, or cones.

Females come into estrus during the months of December to February, and again from March to May. You may notice that a number of males will follow her around quite closely during this time;this is known as the ‘following phase’. And occasionally, the female may turn on one of these males if he becomes too aggressive in his advances.

On the day a female enters estrus, multiple males pursue her while emitting ‘buzzing’ noises; this is called the ‘mating chase.’ The chased female might react angrily towards her pursuers. After much racing among competing males, dominant ones manage to get closer to the female. When she’s ready, she crouches on the ground; whichever male reaches her first gets to mate with her.

Gestation takes up to 44 days, during which time females are solitary and nest in a ‘drey’ of twigs and leaves. If conditions are good, two litters are produced each year, consisting of one to eight young. The young are usually weaned by ten weeks and reach sexual maturity at 10 to 12 months of age; the average lifespan is eight to nine years.

Our exterior inspection of your home or business will uncover all entry points for squirrels, as well as any weak areas they may have exploited.

All animals are caught at their point of entry, after which our experts will seal those points to stop any future wildlife invasions. This work comes with a warranty. With years of experience in trapping and removing nuisance wildlife, we know that this is the only way to solve your problem for good.