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Bat Removal & Exclusion

Getting Rid of Bats Permanently Without Pesticides

Did you know most bats in New Jersey, actually live in man-made environments? It’s true! Because of human population increases and expansion of residential and commercial construction, bats have been forced out of their natural habitats and they’ve had to adjust in order to survive. Their determination and resilience to changing conditions makes getting rid of bats a specialized effort.

Bats provide a much-needed service by eating insects (including mosquitoes) and keeping those populations under control. With these services, bats are forced to leave your home. In addition, your home is secured against future bat infestations by licensed bat removal specialists who have years of experience in the most effective ways of getting rid of bats without chemicals.

What Does the Process Consist Of?

Getting rid of bats actually involves two steps: bat removal and bat exclusion. This means we install equipment that works with the bats’ natural habits to get them out of your house (the bat removal part). That same equipment works to prevent them from re-entering your home once they’ve gone (bat exclusion). Whether you have two bats flying through your child’s bedroom at night or a colony of 200 in your attic, our bat removal and exclusion services will work to get rid of bats and keep them away permanently.

The process is perfectly safe for you, your family, the integrity of your home, and the bats. The steps we use are as follows:

Step One – Getting Rid of Bats: Inspection, Bat-Proofing, Installation of Bat Control Devices

It isn’t difficult for bats to infest your house. In fact, even a gap as small as 1/4 inch acts as an open door for bats. That’s why, during the very first visit, the exterior of your home is intensely inspected. We locate active entry points bats are using to gain entry to your home. We then install bat control devices over these active entry points.

Conducts our inspection by methodically going around the home or business identifying every hole the size of a nickel or larger and sealing them to prevent bats from using them to get into the structure.


The roof and roofline of your home are then carefully inspected. All gaps or other types of openings are tightly sealed to prevent bats from re-entering using these locations. This process often includes screening vents, sealing construction gaps, re-flashing chimneys, repairing rotted wood, and more.

Bats Exit

Their natural behavior dictates that the bats will leave your house at dusk. After the control devices are installed, they will pass through the one-way devices and be permanently excluded! These bats will search the exterior of your house in an effort to find a new entry point. They won’t be able to get back in through their original entry points. They won’t be able to get back in anywhere for that matter because your house is completely bat-proof! The bats are excluded from your house without the use of a bat exterminator or harmful chemicals.

Step Two Removal of Bat Control Devices & Warranty

During the second visit, the bat control devices are removed from your home. All openings these devices covered are then tightly sealed. We also inspect your roof once again to ensure no areas of previous work have been compromised in any way.

You are then presented with a warranty stating that your home will be bat-free for at least the duration of the warranty.

Note: The length of time it takes bats to exit your home varies depending on the season. During the summer months, getting rid of bats usually takes between one and three days. During winter, or other times of extreme cold, bats often hibernate and have very low activity levels. Getting rid of bats during these seasons may take several weeks.

Step Three (Optional) – Guano (Feces) and Bat Mold Removal

What about the smelly mess left in your attic after getting rid of the bats? Cleanup and decontamination is an optional last step in the bat removal process for attics that have suffered from moderate to heavy infestations. Let us handle that for you, too! You’ll find complete attic cleanup services that remove the harmful “bat mold” (actually a fungus in bat guano/feces that breeds spores) and also the urine-soaked insulation, ruined plywood and more. There’s no need for you to expose yourselves to the potential dangers of histoplasmosis (a dangerous and deadly lung disease caused by inhaling the airborne spores that grow on feces). With specialized equipment and HAZMAT-type suits, we can effectively clean your attic, so there is no residual risk of harm to your family after the bats are gone.