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Bird Control

No other bird is as much of a nuisance in the city than Pigeons, with House Sparrows and Starlings coming in at close seconds.

Birds can carry ticks, fleas 20l!x and other pests that may transmit diseases to humans.

AAA Pest & Wildlife Removal not only removes birds from structures but can also block them out with a bird-proofing program for your commercial or residential property. Not only will AAA Pest & Wildlife Removal rid your home or office of birds, but we will also clean and disinfect the area as well as repair any damage they may have caused.


Pigeons roost in both natural and man-made structures, causing millions of dollars worth of damage each year. A single pigeon produces an average 26 pounds of waste each year.

The uric acid present in bird excrement can eat away at stone, metal and masonry. Bacteria, fungi and parasites also love to call droppings their home. And when humans breath in the fungal spores from said environment, they could be putting themselves at risk for Histoplasmosis – an acute respiratory disease that has potential to be deadly.


Sparrows often build their nests in places like gutters, dryer vents, exhaust vents, ledges, and commercial signs. The damage they could cause is serious enough – most birds seem to carry parasites which can lead to an insect infestation in your home.


If starlings enter and build nests in your bathroom exhaust vents or dryer vents, the process to remove them can be complicated, especially if there are young involved.

Starlings are known for producing large nests that can easily clog a dryer vent. Once the vent is clogged, it restricts ventilation and could cause a dryer to break or allow parasites into your home—such as lice and bird mites.